How To Sell Your Damaged Car Quickly

For car lovers, selling a car to get an upgrade is nothing new. But what do you do when the car is damaged? The task of selling the vehicle becomes quite tricky. Does that mean you can’t sell the car? Not really. There are different types of buyers, including companies to whom you can sell your damaged car for cash quickly. Let’s learn all about how to sell a damaged car quickly.

Types of Car Damage

From accidents to natural disasters, a lot of incidents can damage your vehicle. Car damage can be classified into three categories. They are as follows –

a) Primary Damage

These are small damages and scratches caused to the body of the car. The damage isn’t internal, and it doesn’t cause significant depreciation of the vehicle.

b) Secondary Damage

Secondary damage is serious harm though the car can still move. It goes on the damage history of the vehicle and causes a big drop in its value.

c) Severe Damage

The third category of damage is the highest degree of damage caused to the car, and the vehicle ends up immobile. It leaves the car as nothing more than a scrap.

Simply put, there are different degrees of car damage. The resale value of the vehicle will depend on the damage level. If your car is severely damaged, you will not only struggle to get a fair price but also an interested customer – unless you can find a “Cash for Cars” company that accepts all kinds of vehicles.

What People Usually Do to Sell Damaged Cars

When people end up damaging their car, they usually do the following to sell their car –

a) Repair and Sell

When the car has gone through small damages, you can spend a small amount on repairing the vehicle and selling it. Since transmission failures or engine overhauls are not included in this, your repair cost won’t be much, and the resale value will be high enough to get you a good deal.

b) Sell in Current Condition

When car owners find that the expense for repairing or replacing the engine is too high, they tend to sell away the vehicle in its current condition. For this, find a buyer who is confident enough to fix the problems within a cost that seems reasonable to them. But they’ll want a good bargain from you.

c) Sell Scrap

If your car is old and severely damaged, repairing or refurbishing it will burn a hole in your pocket. You will not get a good value. The only thing you can do is to sell the car by its weight to a scrap dealer. The value of the brand or accessories does not come into play. Car parts can also be sold.

Possible Options for Selling Damaged Cars

There are many avenues to sell damaged cars. Let’s look at them:

a) Sell to a Dealership

You can contact a dealership that focuses on the brand of your car to sell your vehicle. But they will not accept the car if the damage is too much. So you’ll likely have to get the car cleaned and repaired a little. Plus, dealerships do not offer a great price, and they don’t even negotiate. But they operate quickly.

b) Sell Directly to a Buyer

You can put up local ads or list your vehicle on online platforms to sell your damaged vehicle directly to a buyer. But it’s hard to evaluate your car properly in this way and will probably have to sell it at a discounted price. You’ll probably find buyers who will buy your car in any condition – but at a low price.

c) Sell Privately to Someone You Know

A quick way to sell a car would be to make the sale to someone you know personally, like a friend or a relative. It is hard to get the right market price and negotiate too much with a friend, and one party might end up being unhappy, either with the price or with the condition of the car.

d) Sell to “Cash for Cars” Service Providers

One of the best ways to sell your car quickly for cash is to get in touch with a “Cash for Cars” service provider that will buy your vehicle in all conditions and pay the best price possible. Whether your car is running or not, it can be sold to such a company. They will buy your car and pay the best price instantly.

Sell Your Damaged Car for Cash

How “Cash for Cars” System Works

If you’re wondering how to sell your damaged car quickly, a “Cash for Cars” company is the best option. All you have to do is to give them a call. They will come and evaluate the device, even if its engine is blown or the vehicle has been in a horrible accident. The company’s representatives will even come and get your car and pay you the best price. They will also take care of all the paperwork.

Sell Your Damaged Car to Bil Autos

To sell your damaged car quickly and get cash instantly without wasting your time and energy in advertisements and negotiations, you should contact a “Cash for Cars” company.

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